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PCCA VersaBase®


Pamela Smith, MD, MPH, explains why she uses VersaBase and PCCA Special Micronized Progesterone in her hormone replacement practice.

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The VersaBase family of topical bases simulates the natural moisturizing barrier of the skin, providing smooth, non-irritating application. Available in five different applications (cream, gel, lotion, foam and shampoo), these topical bases are highly moisturizing, absorb quickly and have good spreadability with a silky soft touch.

PCCA VersaBase Line of Exclusive Bases

VersaBase Cream is an elegant, extremely durable cosmetic cream. It simulates the natural moisturizing barrier of the skin through its emulsion system,and can be used for a variety of pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

Download the research study on Special Micronized Progesterone in PCCA Cream Bases

VersaBase Gel is a versatile topical gel base that demonstrates excellent resiliency to low pH (2-7.5) and good compatibility with polar solvents, while maintaining a pleasant, silky feel. It can be used as a rheology modifier (thickener) or to make surfactant-free "gelcreams."

VersaBase Lotion has a low viscosity emulsion system that is highly moisturizing, absorbs quickly and has good spreadability with a silky soft touch. This versatile lotion can be used on the face, body and vaginally. VersaBase Lotion is appropriate for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

VersaBase Foam is made using the latest natural surfactant technology in order to be gentle on the skin. When used at lower concentrations, VersaBase Foam can be applied to the skin without washing off for a greater moisturizing function. And, it may be used at up to a 100 percent concentration as a cleanser; usual ranges for this use are 50 to 100 percent.

VersaBase Shampoo is a mixture of natural surfactants that may be used both for pharmaceutical and cosmetic purposes, as well as in liquid soap formulas. The combination of olive and corn surfactants promotes better cleaning power and makes the formula less irritating. Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)- and paraben-free, VersaBase Shampoo contains hydrating substances that promote malleability as well. It is appropriate for all types of hair, including color-treated hair. Also ideal for veterinary formulations.