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PCCA Occlusaderm™



Occlusaderm™ is an excellent film former, with natural polymers and impressive adhesive properties. Once Occlusaderm is applied, although water soluble, it is impermeable and oil-resistant.

Occlusaderm can be used as a base by itself or as an ingredient in a formula. When used alone, a film is formed on the skin that can then be peeled off. When Occlusaderm is added to other bases, it will provide some occlusive effects, thereby potentially aiding in penetration without the necessity of complete occlusion. A variety of drugs can be incorporated into Occlusaderm, and a variety of conditions may benefit from full as well as partial occlusion. This provides for novel applications in cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations, such as:

  • Numbing Creams
  • Facial Masks and Peels
  • Scar Preparations
  • Radiation Burns
  • Skin Lightening Spot Treatment