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Looking for an excipient base that can be used in any type of oral capsule formulation, and with any type of active ingredient? Then, you’re looking for LoxOral. It’s not just a filler – it’s the only all-in-one base that:

  • Improves the dissolution of all types of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), including poorly soluble drugs
  • Creates preparations with optimal stability because its very low hygroscopicity resists moisture sorption
  • Provides excellent flowability to help reduce clumping; its uniform and well-defined particle size allows the API to be easily and evenly distributed within the base
  • Reduces the static associated with some APIs, such as progesterone


Download the Technical Reports for LoxOral:

Technical Report: Improvement of Dissolution Properties of Ketoconazole Using a New Excipient (LoxOral™) in Comparison with Microcrystalline Cellulose

Technical Report: Comparison of Dissolution Properties of Piroxicam Using Microcrystalline Cellulose and a New Excipient (LoxOral™)

Technical Report: Effect of Particle Size on the Bioaccessibility of Progesterone from LoxOral™ in an In Vitro Dynamic Gastrointestinal System