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LoxaSperse is an innovative powder excipient base created for compounding with active ingredients used for nebulization and irrigations (such as nasal and wound irrigations). LoxaSperse is a proprietary blend of specially micronized xylitol with an optimized ratio of micronized poloxamers, designed to improve dispersability and solubility of actives. These unique features allow multiple active ingredients with varying solubilities to be incorporated into it. It is recommended that the active ingredients are completely solubilized in the end preparation when using LoxaSperse for inhalation.

Potential uses of LoxaSperse may include, but are not limited to:

  • nasal nebulizations
  • irrigations and solutions
  • inhalation solutions
  • wound irrigations
  • wound powders

Introducing XyliFos™, an Excipient Base Designed to be the Perfect Excipient Pairing for LoxaSperse

  • Using XyliFos in formulations allows for improved overall efficiency and performance of the preparation due to its synergy with LoxaSperse
  • Combining XyliFos with LoxaSperse allows for the use of lower levels of LoxaSperse in formulations (10% versus a minimum of 25% without XyliFos)



Download the Technical Reports for LoxaSperse:

NEW! White Paper: LoxaSperse – Is it Safe Microbiologically for Use in Sinus/Nasal Irrigations?

Technical Report: Characterization of the Physical and Microbiological Properties of LoxaSperse™

Technical Report: Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing of Antihistamine and Corticosteroid in LoxaSperse™ Dispersion

Technical Report: Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing of a Budesonide LoxaSperse™ Dispersion

Technical Report: Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing of a Gentamicin LoxaSperse™ Dispersion

Technical Report: The Antimicrobial Activity of Itraconazole and LoxaSperse™ Against Biofilms of C. albicans

Technical Report: Evaluating the Effects of LoxaSperse™ Using an In Vitro Model of Human Respiratory Tract Tissue

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