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PCCA Lipoderm®


Independently tested using the Franz Skin Finite Dose Model, PCCA’s exclusive family of Lipoderm bases has been proven to deliver up to four drugs simultaneously through human skin in vitro. Lipoderm also was tested for allergic reactions, with no adverse reactions reported in an extensive two-month study.

The Lipoderm family includes:

Lipoderm is an elegant alternative to traditional pluronic lecithin organogels (PLO) with a smooth and creamy feel, in contrast to the tacky feel of PLOs. It contains a proprietary liposomal component that may increase the permeation of a variety of actives. Many PCCA members have made the switch to Lipoderm for their transdermal needs because it is a stable system that does not separate upon refrigeration and has great resiliency in the presence of ionic substances.

Lipoderm ActiveMax™ has the benefits of original Lipoderm with an added stabilizing system to provide resiliency in the presence of high salt loads. Choose Lipoderm ActiveMax if you are using over 20% actives in a formula and experiencing separation or liquification. For example, 30% Ketamine HCl in Lipoderm ActiveMax demonstrated superior physicochemical attributes, remaining stable and elegant for six months.

Anhydrous Lipoderm is an anhydrous version for actives that are unstable in water. It is also free of gluten, casein, egg, wheat-germ, paraben, butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) and soy. This base utilizes rapeseed-based phospholipids, and it also has a neutral odor and silky feel.

Lipoderm High Molecular Weight™, the latest in transdermal technology, is focused on the delivery of large molecular weight proteins. Lipoderm HMW does not contain lecithin, phospholipids or eggs. This base has a low resiliency for salt forms of drugs, which cause the base to break.


A Practitioner’s Guide to Lipoderm

Information for prescribers about Lipoderm and why it's an ideal choice for compounding transdermal needs.

Lipoderm Transdermals Keep Delivering, But Don’t Take Our Word for It.

Even when compared to the newest competitive studies, Lipoderm transdermal base can deliver Lorazepam and Ketoprofen more quickly and with better absorption. Not only does it deliver Ketoprofen more effectively, it also delivers up to four actives simultaneously – with the studies to prove it:

PCCA Lipoderm®/Lipoderm® ActiveMax and Lorazepam Study Lipoderm and Lipoderm ActiveMax Now Proven to Deliver Lorazepam Into and Through Human Skin In Vitro
PCCA Lipoderm® Delivers Four Drugs Simultaneously in Transdermal Study Lipoderm Proven to Deliver Ketamine HCl, Gabapentin, Clonidine HCl and Baclofen Simultaneously Through Human Skin In Vitro – FIRST STUDY OF ITS KIND
PCCA Lipoderm® Feline Vet Study Lipoderm with Tramadol Performs Well in Feline Inner Ear Test
PCCA Lipoderm® and Ketoprofen Transdermal Study Lipoderm Proven to Deliver the NSAID Ketoprofen Through Human Skin In Vitro
PCCA Lipoderm® and Promethazine Transdermal Study Lipoderm Proven to Deliver Promethazine HCl Through Human Skin In Vitro